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a kingdom of stars and shadows

Stars and Shadows Series

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where bad boys are ruined

The Good Girls Series

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where good girls go to die

The Good Girls Series

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Where bad Girls Go to fall: gold foil edition

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Gold Foil Detailing Paperback Edition 

The Good Girls series

Nothing good came from listening to my heart. 

It was careless and irrational and became way too invested when I read a romance novel. 

So I put her under lock and key. I only had a few rules, and I always stuck with them. 

1. Never get attached.

2. Always run before the feels become contagious. 

3. No matter what, under no circumstances, never fall in love. 

He was a playboy who ran by the same set of rules. 

What we had together was fun, it was hot, and it was temporary. 

Until he screwed everything up. 

We were never meant to be each other's happily ever after, but the harder I tried to push him away, the further I fell.