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a kingdom of stars and shadows

Stars and Shadows Series

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trouble with the hotshot boss

The Good Girls Series

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trouble with the guy next door

The Rock Bottom Series

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Trouble with the fake boyfriend: gold foil edition

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Gold Foil Detailing Paperback Edition 

From the moment I lay eyes on Liam, I know he's exactly what I want.

Not for a lifetime. Just for one night.

But as sure as I am that one night between us would rock both of our worlds, he's equally as sure that the two of us are a horrible idea.

Until he needs me.

One week, a fake relationship, and an offer I can't refuse. The pet names? Bogus. The details of our whirlwind romance? Completely fabricated. The way he kisses me? That feels way too real.

Faking it with Liam is way too easy and forgetting why I'm here is effortless. I only have two jobs. Convincing everyone else we're in love and convincing myself we're not.

But it's not that simple.

He makes it easy to forget he's practically paying me to be his girlfriend. Too easy to forget that we aren't real. It's one week and my heart on the line.

Everything was supposed to be fake.

The rules were perfectly clear, but I was in Trouble with the Fake Boyfriend.

The Rock Bottom series